Monthly Archives: January 2017

Son Goku as Olympics Ambassador for Tokyo’s 2020 Olympics.

Goku will be featured on all the 2020 Olympic merchandise. Although Goku won’t be the only one showing his face. We’ll also be seeing Naruto, Sailor Moon, Luffy and many others of our favorite anime. Japan wants the Olympics to appeal more to the younger generations and that’s why Anime is getting involved. If you […]

Dragon Ball Supers new arc “Universe Survival”

Starting Feb 5th, episode 77 Dragon Ball Super series will enter a new arc called “Universe Survival.” It’s the 5th major Dragon Ball Super Sega. The first episode Is called “Let’s Do It, Zen-Oh! The Universe’s Greatest Martial Arts Tournament!” Manga creator Akira Toriyama, the story is about a team of 10 fighters to battle […]

Review for Yu-Gi-Oh! Dark Side of Dimensions

Yu-gi-oh! Dark side of Dimensions focuses on Kaiba’s unresolved obsession with the Pharaoh. Kaiba is looking for Yugi’s millennium puzzle in hopes to bring the Pharaoh back for a final duel. Kaiba is still full of pride! The movies picks up with Yugi and his friends preparing for their high school graduation. After Atem left […]

Kuroko No Basket – Last Game Movie is scheduled to premier March, 18 2017

Kuroko No Basket (The Basketball Which Kuroko Plays) The story is about the Phantoms 6th man of the Generation of Miracles from Teiko Middle School.  From being small and weak compared to the other players. He uses his lack of presence to pass and still the ball using misdirection. The movie is set to take […]

Our Sailor guardians are getting a new sequel for Sailor Moon Crystal!

Our Sailor guardians are getting a new sequel for Sailor Moon Crystal! The fourth season has officially been announced! They just celebrated their 25th anniversary last year and an announcement for the 1990’s Sailor Moon anime will finally have its first Blu-ray in Japan. The first volume will be available in June and the second […]

FairyTail – “Dragon Cry” Spring 2017

Fairy Tail is an fiction, action manga written and illustrated by Hiro Mashima. 48 volumes are produced, to date. The anime first aired in 06’ and became a huge hit.  The series has a very unique story, with characters development, and friendships. Making it different from the anime’s we see everyday. FT first movie “Phoenix […]