‘Yuri!!! On ICE’ Gets A Possible Season 2 Release Date!!!

After months of silence, the creators of the super popular Japanese Anime television collection about figure skating, Yuri!!! On Ice. Fans can rejoice at the possibility release date for season 2. 

According to 247 Techy, a member of the creative crew has allegedly said that everyone’s favorite ice skating boys are slated for a comeback this October.

The series revolves round Yuri Katsuki, a expert determine skater from Japan who faces a devastating defeat within the Grand Prix Final, which causes him to place his career on hold.
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After returning home from University, Yuri gets back at the ice and flawlessly mimics a routine done by his role model, Victor Nikiforov.

After Victor sees Yuri’s performance, he flies to Japan to be Yuri’s coach. In hopes that Yuri can overcome his insecurities and win the following Grand Prix series. At some stage in their time together, Yuri and Victor develop a deep relationship. .

Yuri!!! On Ice has gotten a lot of positives reviews from many critics, and even professional figure skaters like Johnny Weir and Denis Ten. The show received numerous awards like the Tokyo Anime Award in Animation for 2017.
The production for the second season has been under wraps by the series creator Mitsurou Kubo. Even though her lips are glued shut about the official release date, a certain event on 4/29/17 at the Tokyo Disney Resort will most likely tell us details for the following season.

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