“Welcome To The Ballroom” 4th Visual.

Get ready for July’s debut. The 4th visual is here to hype the adaptation of Tomo Takeuchi’s “Welcome To The Ballroom”.

The main character is an average middle school student names Tatara Fujita, who yearns for a purpose in life. He is a plain as they come and he’s doing his best to find that “something” to change him from his boring self.

A professional dancer named Kaname Sengoku rescues Tatara who is being bullied for his money. Sengoku becomes Tatara’s beacon of light. This is the moment Tatara enters the world of ballroom dancing, he discovers the beauty, sportsmanship and passion that he was looking for all in the art of dance. Sengoku a free-spirited international dancer who recognizes Tatara potential and begins to coach him.

“Welcome to the ballroom” is set to premier July, 9 2017

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